Our Services

Run Coaching

Strength & Conditioning


An individualized plan to help you meet your running, personal training and fitness goals. Receive workouts can be geared to meet your personal goals such as increase speed,  endurance or strength/stability/mobility. For runners your plan will also include longs runs, including your specific paces. Your monthly individual coaching and training package includes the option for a monthly in-person or online run coaching session.

Nutrition Coaching 


We don't do diets, or diet culture here. We work with you  to develop a long term eating/nutrition plan that helps you to meet your personal health and fitness goals. We can offer assistance with meal planning, recipes and general advice for maximizing the nutritional benefits of the food you eat. We also work to heal our relationship to food, gaining an understanding that food is both fuel but it is also a  great connector to understanding and keeping our connections to ourselves.

Transformation Coaching

Let's face it change is hard. It helps to focus on building habits and mindsets that will help us work toward the changes we seek. As your Transformation Coach, I am your biggest fan cheerleader helping to establish habits for long term growth and change in your life.

Our Mission


To empower and inspire highly motivated change-seekers to move their bodies and strengthen their minds.