I started running in 2015. Running has changed my life completely. I was in this phase where I saw myself saying “I can’t” a lot. I didn’t really want that to be my mantra anymore so at the age of 43, I decided to run a 5k. I truly had never done any type of cardiovascular exercise in my life, in fact, I really wondered why anyone would ever run for enjoyment. 

Actually, my husband and I started the fitness journey together, so we hired a coach to get us started. Of course, at the time I could barely make it around a track without feeling like I was literally dying! At some point during training, my coach said to me that one day I’d be running half marathons and marathons. Seriously, I couldn’t fathom a day when I might actually be able to make it around that damn track!!

But, after the first 5k, and getting across that finish line, the feeling of accomplishment I had was like nothing I had ever experienced before. And started to wonder, maybe I could run a half marathon or maybe even a marathon, who knew unless I tried! So in 2016, I ran my first half just one year after the first 5k and haven't looked back.

To date, I have run numerous 5k’s, 10k’s, 15k’s, 8 half marathons, and 7 marathons in total - 3 Abbott World Major Marathons (NYC 2017/NYC - Virtual 2019, Chicago 2018/2019, Berlin 2019, Queens Marathon 2020). Anyway, what I found, through running, was a space where all things seem possible. Whether the result comes to pass or not is irrelevant, what has become most important to me is to try.

In 2018, I became an RRCA Certified Coach (Level 1) because what my coach did for me -- inspire and challenge me beyond my wildest thought of my own capability -- I wanted to be able to pass that along to others!

I believe that fitness is for every BODY, no matter your size, shape, gender, current ability or physical limitation. The only thing you need is a commitment to the training process and the motivation to be your best self. 

I hope YOU will join me! 

Sincerely, Do no Harm,

Coach Pilar

"Avoid the least harmful act,
Perfectly accomplish the good,
And master your mind.
That is the teaching of the Buddha."


I believe the coaching and training process is collaborative one. We will work together to help you achieve the your fitness goals. The only thing you need is a commitment to the training process, and a motivation to be your best self! 

As a not so perfect practicing Buddhist, for well over 10 years now, I’ve been working to integrate mindfulness based practices into every aspect of my life. Trained as a professional photographer and now as a runner, I have found that mindfulness, which is the act of remaining present, being focused on the here and now, is beneficial to training and racing ‘success’. Therefore, I incorporate some mindfulness based training methods into my work with athletes.

Of course, we work on the traditional skills every runner needs through building a strong base, speed work and drills (to work on form), every day running and strength training as well as the key critical and important Long Run for folks who are training for half marathons and marathons.

Through your FIT Assessment, we will narrow down your training goals for a target race, a target distance such as a 5k or a 10K, or a target fitness level. I will build a plan for you (or you can choose a stock plan) and then be your biggest cheerleader and fan right up until race day and beyond!



Based on your Fit Assessment*, each month I will send you workouts to help you meet your personal training and fitness goals. These workouts can be geared to increase speed,  endurance or strength/stability/mobility. Your plan will also include longs runs, including your specific paces. Your monthly individual coaching and training package includes the option for a monthly in-person or online run coaching session.  


I will also help you evaluate your eating habits, and develop a nutrition plan that helps you meet your health goals. 


I am here to answer your questions and help with your progress every step of the way! You will have unlimited online and email support. 

*Fit Assessment - A brief meeting geared to learn more about your fitness/run goals which you can complete in person, by phone, or online.


Interested in finding out more about my coaching or nutritional counseling services? Click the button below to schedule your 30 minute FIT Assessment and Discovery Call. The call is 100% Free and there's no pressure, I'd just love to find out more about you, and your fitness goals! Let's see if we're good FIT!


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Testimonials (Coming Soon!)

“We think you're awesome.”

— Athlete Review
“We think you're awesome.”

— Athlete Review
“We think you're awesome.”

— Athlete Review
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